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“When you decide to teach English in China, you’re starting an amazing journey”

See what our teachers had to say about teaching English as a foreign language in China with Premier English in Qingdao.

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Testimonial by Tomas
"There are lots of language schools in China, but where you choose to go is very important. There is a huge difference in the standards between different schools; I have met teachers who went to other schools and were very disappointed.
I personally wanted to find a nice place where I could not only enjoy my work time, but also have a great life outside school. Qingdao is a city which offers a lot; beaches, mountains, tea plantations, dozens of shopping centers with their own ways of entertainment and, for those who love beer, Qingdao can also offer some of its own world class beverages! Professionally, I feel that Premier English allowed me to develop as a teacher as I didn’t have to just follow the school’s syllabus, but could also try my own ways and techniques and see what works the best for my students. The most beneficial thing as I see it is the fact that I can be a part of the team which is eager to teach as well as learn from each other and do a professional job."
TEFL Teacher
Testimonial by Glen
"Hello, my name’s Glen, I’m from the States, and for me, as far as I am concerned, as a British school, Premier English has the best work atmosphere of any place I have worked at before. I’ve made good friends here and the work-life balance is great. Anyone who has worked for ESL schools elsewhere knows that the quality of the relationships between staff members, and in particular management, can be disappointing, if not destructive. Here, we have a much more healthy, egalitarian ethos, and I would encourage others to give it a try. "
TEFL Teacher
Testimonial by Colin
"I've worked at Premier English for three months now, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far.
I'd never taught before but they gave me training and I've really grown to love this job. It's fun and exciting and provides interesting challenges. I'm getting to see new places and have experiences I never would have had the chance to have otherwise.
I'd recommend Premier English to anyone who wants something new and interesting in their lives."
TEFL Teacher
Testimonial by Zuzana
"I’ve been with Premier English for 2 years which says a lot. From the very first moment I landed in Qingdao I’ve felt their support – they helped me with all the little things from setting up a bank account to getting my first Chinese sim card and made the transition from Europe to Asia very smooth. I’ve been learning a lot as a teacher too thanks to my colleagues and students. Moreover, Qingdao is a beautiful city with many beaches and mountains so it’s a great place to spend your free time in. "
TEFL Teacher
Testimonial by Matilda
"Working for Premier English is my first teaching job following my completing a CELTA. I could not have picked a better first school. Personally I love teaching a variety of levels and lessons and the challenge of learning to teach children. The school has a good support system for new teachers and Chinese staff on hand to help when needed. I have a fun and varied day which finishes with socialising with the other teachers. There is plenty to do in Qingdao, and in Chengyang which is where our school is located. We spend a lot of time together, exploring the city's nightlife, its beaches and its mountains. I've made some amazing friends here, both amongst the staff and the adult students."
TEFL Teacher