Typhoon, no problem!

Typhoon, no problem!

Typhoon to a T!

Weather, you want it or not?

“Typhoon!, Typhoon!, there is a typhoon a-coming! Man the lifeboats, get all the sand bags out and hunker down for the weekend”

Not quite what the local news was saying on Friday the 9th of August, but I think it was the gyst of it. Premier English made sure all their teachers were safe and sound. Typhoon Lekima was on it’s way to Qingdao, and it was due to hit land at anytime on Sunday, between 15:00pm to 19:00pm. Red Weather warnings went out and the City braced itself for windy trouble. In the end, it probably wasn’t as bad as it may have been.

But the City was prepared,  had put in place a warning system, and had done the necessary preparations in case it was gonna be huge, and damaging. So a big thumbs up to the Qingdao weather casters, the government, the TV, the radio, and any one involved with the planning of the planning. Great work!

So, bare this in mind. When you come to China, weather can be pretty unpredictable. However, not that unpredictable. It gets cold in the winter, and it gets hot and humid in the summer. Extremes of weather are rare. So if you are looking to come teach in China, don’t let these freak weather incidents put you off. Man up, get your teachers head on, and be brave. Come and teach at Premier English.

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