Top reasons to teach at Premier English

Why Teach English in China?

We firmly believe that we are a good choice for those individuals looking to find a job that is rewarding in many different ways. 

Here are the top reasons we think this is the case.

Teach a range of ages in small groups.
Class sizes are usually a maximum of six, with ages and levels strictly controlled so that both the students and teacher can have the most rewarding and productive classes possible.
A professional team and working environment.
We are a team of individuals who want to do our job well and take pride and pleasure in teaching English. We try our best to foster an environment where teachers communicate well and help one another out. See what some of our teachers say about Premier English and China.
The nuts and bolts of arriving in China taken care of by us.
Issues around visas, airport pick-up, insurance and accommodation are examples of things which can provide a headache when moving to China. We take care of these things so you can focus on enjoying your position teaching English in China.
Comprehensive induction and training provided for all teachers new to Premier English.
Our induction and training, tailored according to the past experience of the teacher, is designed so that you are confident that you will give a good first class, no matter whether you already have years of experience or are a newly qualified teacher.
Freedom to create your own lesson plans and tailor classes to students’ specific needs.
We trust our teachers to work hard and do a good job, so we give them the space to grow. There are templates and plans ready for teachers who choose to use them, but we find that teachers appreciate the freedom we give them to adapt their lessons in response to the needs of their students.
A fully licensed school and an expert team to take you step by step through the visa process.
We don’t cut any corners when it comes to documentation. Our visa team has years of experience and knowledge of the latest changes in Chinese law. Moreover, Premier English is fully licensed by both the Qingdao Education Department and the Qingdao Foreign Experts Department.
A fantastic quality of life with a high income to cost of living ratio in one of China’s most desirable and attractive cities.
Qingdao is a clean city with a fascinating mix of old and new, boasting sandy beaches and lush, green mountains. It has a low cost of living, meaning teachers can easily enjoy the best of what China has to offer whilst also building up savings.
A fast growing school with lots of opportunity to take on more responsibility and build a career.
Premier English is still relatively small but we are growing strongly, and for those who are considering longer-term tenure and building a thriving career, there’s more opportunity here than with most other schools.

We thing Qingdao is one of the best places to teach English in China. Why not come and join us?!