The Z Visa: Everything you need to know

The Z Visa: Everything you need to know

Do you dream of teaching English in China?

There’s huge amount of information available on teaching in China, some of it unfortunately inaccurate or misleading. A lot of people run into difficulties on the legal side of the process- in particular the parts surrounding Chinese immigration law. If you want to live and teach English in China, you’ll need to carry all the right papers. Chinese law is strict and, as in many countries, you can get in serious trouble if you’re there illegally. The most common mistake people make is to arrive using the wrong sort of visa- such as a tourist visa. These do not permit you to work in the country and last only limited, short periods. Recent events in China mean that the government is clamping down hard on people from the West who work teach illegally using the wrong sort of visa.


Your guide to the Z visa


The Z Visa is your ticket to teaching English in China: it’s granted alongside a work permit from your employer (each company must be specially certified to do this) which are both exchanged for a temporary residence permit within a month of arriving in China. These last for the duration of your contract.

English teachers are the most common recipients of Z visas, and the largest group of foreign workers in China. Because of this there are special considerations for applications from those hoping to teach English in China. These include:

  • You must have a valid passport from a majority English speaking country- such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand. .
  • You must have a university degree.
  • You must either be a qualified teacher or have studied English language teaching for your degree.
  • You must have a TEFL or TESOL certificate, or be able to prove you have at least two years’ teaching experience.
  • You must be sponsored by an accredited school.

In addition, you must pass a criminal background check in your home country.

The Z visa is not easy to get, and compared to other countries in the region, China can be a tough country to access. Yet the tough entry standards are the product of a marketplace where many more people wish to teach English in China than other countries. If you dream of teaching English in China, and think you meet the conditions above, why not apply to teach with us?

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