The Interview Process Explained

The Premier English Interview Process

What to expect when you have applied

Right, you have been thinking about it off and on for a few days, or even years. You have searched endless job boards and looked at mountains of adverts. Eventually, you have gone blind and took some time out. But there was that one that sounded ‘real’. The one that sounded legit. The one that seemed to be a good match for what you are looking for as a career change. Now, after your vision has returned, you apply for that job.

Applying for a job in China is quite a decision. The application alone takes a bit courage. Yes, you have researched China’s economy, China’s living standards, and such like. You know it is what you want to do. So why do all your friends react like you have just told them you are going to become a priest/nun? Because most people just wouldn’t consider it as an option. Even for a year.

Yet you have, so let’s look at what happens after you have applied. What you should be wary of is receiving an email asking when you can arrive! This very much used to be common. Now, language schools in China should be a little more disconcerting. I am not saying that every establishment that may dive in and ask for your services is dishonourable. Just that you may want to think twice before you accept the offer.

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The application process for a job to teach English in China should be similar to any other application process. It should involve a process where you get to know more about the organisation, and the organisation you.  Don’t forget, you are travelling a long way, to live and work for a year at least. So you want to know as much about the them as possible.

At Premier English, we take the application process very seriously. After we have reviewed your application  we then schedule two interviews. In between the interviews we ask applicants to do a mock teaching video as well. The first interview is informal, and is a way of an introduction for interviewee and interviewer. We then want to see you in action. The mock teaching video allows us to see how much research and preparation you have made. Also, we can see if you are teaching the subject correctly.

If the video is good, we then move on to the second interview. In this interview we ask you more about the video, and more about your teaching experience. It also allows you to ask us more questions about the school and its programs. This is a really important interview, as a decision on both sides will be made to either commit or not to a journey like no other.

When you accept a position in China, you should be as certain as possible that the organisation is both reputable and everything they say they are. Premier English think when we offer a position, we are as certain as we can be that we have got the right man. Or woman of course.

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