Why teach English in Qingdao? Five things that make this city such a special place to teach.

Why teach English in Qingdao? Five things that make this city such a special place to teach.

Want to become a Premier English teacher in China? Discover the home of outstanding ESL jobs in China: Qingdao


If you want to teach English in China, firstly- good for you! You’re on the way to beginning a life-changing journey. Opening up your horizons and exploring the world around you, achieving a greater understanding of one of the oldest & most fascinating cultures on earth, all while making a real difference to the lives of young people, is an amazing step. We’d love to help you on your journey, so here’s our guide to one of the most vibrant cities in China: Qingdao.


Get paid to change lives: apply to teach English in China


As we’ve said before, English teaching jobs in China tend to focus on Beijing: but there are so many reasons to consider teaching outside the capital. There’s no doubt, a city of 21 million people can be an exciting and diverse place to live & work, but it’s not for everyone. Many people who are considering teaching English in China seek a less hectic, polluted and overcrowded environment, where culture, community and amazing scenery make a truly amazing experience. Qingdao is one such city: a relaxed & welcome seaside community, steeped in rich history & identity, without the overtly industrial or tourist-focus of Beijing: a real place to explore Chinese culture. Within minutes of arriving, we aim to help those choosing to teach English in Qingdao feel at home.


What we love about teaching English in Qingdao


Qingdao is a slick & dynamic city of 8 million, where all the trappings of modern China meets carefully preserved heritage, expansive parks and lush green spaces, all framed by the idyllic Yellow Sea. Here you’ll fall in love with the friendly atmosphere, the welcoming locals and a pace of life that always finds time for the really important things. You can relax in one of any number of settings, explore the historic architecture of the old town or shop to your heart’s content in the modern, European-style city centre.

We believe that the city of Qingdao is really central to our tutors’ experience of teaching English in China. That’s why we always ensure our staff get enough time off to really immerse themselves in the local culture, as well as exploring the wider country. We want all our teachers to leave with great memories of their time teaching English in China, and we do everything we can to enhance your stay in Qingdao.

If you’re a graduate considering teaching English in China, and have some teaching experience, get in touch with our team to learn more about how teaching in Qingdao stands out from the crowd, and the ways we make it easier than ever to come and experience life on the cutting edge of the world.



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