Why teach English in China? Change your life (and others’!) teaching ESL

Why teach English in China? Change your life (and others’!) teaching ESL

More and more people are choosing the teach English in China. If you’re ready for a new challenge, we can help.

There more reasons than ever to go abroad and teach English. The rising cost of travelling now means that for many, working in a well-paid and in-demand role such as teaching English is the best way to fund your travels, and if you really seek to experience another culture in-depth, the opportunities to learn while you live in your country of choice, means you can experience a place in greater depth without your entire life being about work. Being highly sought after, English teachers enjoy good salaries and excellent contracts, with flexible visas available and lots of time off. There are always opportunities for those who can teach to make a positive difference, and many choose to teach English in China partly because of the prospect of making a real impact in the lives of young people. When you choose to return home too, there are great prospects: you can expect much-increased interest in your added teaching experience, the insight and personal development gained from experienced different cultures, as well as the multilingual abilities you’ve picked up: and in an ever-more competitive jobs market there are real long term as well as short term benefits to be found in teaching abroad. In the meantime, of course, you get to experience living at the forefront of the staggering change and excitement of the ‘Chinese Century’, making lifelong friends and gaining the chance to experience life the world’s most amazing country!


Explore to your heart’s content

Not into the tourist thing? Us neither. If stuffy coach tours and dodgy youth hostels don’t float your boat, it can feel like you need a fortune to explore Asia. Flight costs alone can cost your entire budget and accommodation, especially in a major city, is costly. This, combined with the language barrier, the lack of guides or local knowledge, the lack of transport and the huge distances involved, can make it appear like there’s no chance of making your trip happen. Certainly even if you’re very determined, with money to spend, you can manage a short holiday: but who wants to travel 5,000 miles for a flying visit? After all it’s not just about seeing the traditional postcard sights: there are China’s hidden gems, beautiful landscapes, perfect beaches, mountain hikes and regional foods. There’s the New Year street parties, exciting urban nightlife and countryside evenings camped under the stars. This is not a country you can experience in a weekend. The solution? Working abroad can open up the chance to stay as long as you want, with accommodation included, lots of time off while you master the language and take the chance to really immerse yourself in local culture. You can travel at leisure, make local friends and gain the skills to not just be another tourist. What’s even better, you can get your flight costs covered for the entire time you’re with us!


Teach English in China to unlock a continent

A long trip to China might seem out of reach- but it’s not. There are more opportunities to immerse yourself in Chinese culture that you may think. By coming to teach English in China you can be more than a tourist. At our school in Qingdao, from modern city living to the breath taking Fushan mountain range, it’s all at your fingertips, with added long term benefits both to your future employability and CV, but also most important, the chance to make lifelong friends and enjoy life-changing experiences, while making a real difference to others’ lives!



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