A new look for our website!

A new look for our website!

Our new site is live! We’re happy to announce a new look website! Hopefully  our new site does even more to explain the many reasons to teach TEFL in China with us! Take a look and learn about what sets Premier English apart, and why a job here with us isn’t like any other ESL teaching job in China!

Our school is an amazing place, and we hope that we can offer a glimpse of that vibrant, exciting and above all fun atmosphere can be visible through our site! We offer something really different to the typical TEFL experience, with a dedicated, purpose-built school catering to hundreds of pupils of all ages and backgrounds, staffed entirely by Premier English’s superb teaching staff. It’s through this pursuit of the dream of a dedicated teaching space that we’ve been able to create a top quality English language school and a unique ESL teaching experience. We welcome enquiries and questions from anyone interested in taking the plunge and teaching TEFL in China, though we accept only the highest standards from our staff, we review every applicant who meets our experience & qualification requirements individually and fairly. So why not contact us about going to teach TEFL in China, and join a great school, with great people, in the most exciting country in the world?

If you have any questions about our TEFL school, teaching in China generally, our application process or what it’s like to be an English teacher in China, get in touch! If you’ve already made up your mind to apply to teach at our school, visit our application page and begin your journey today!

Our modern school's a big part of what draws people to teach TEFL with us

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