Meet Our Chinese Team

“I like my work because it allows me to learn about different people, both inside and outside our school”

See what our Chinese staff have to say about teaching English in China with Premier English in Qingdao.

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Testimonial by Mary
"Hello, my English name is Mary, and I am the manager of the Chinese staff here at the main branch of Premier English. In general, I am responsible for making sure everyone can get their work done. This involves overseeing scheduling of classes, setting of teacher timetables, and ensuring that communication is occurring between those of us who work here as well as the adults and parents of the students we teach. As for myself, I like my work because it allows me to learn about different people, both inside and outside our school, and help provide English education to students who will need it to succeed in the future."
于云风 yú yúnfèng
Testimonial by Daisy
"I’m Daisy and I am a Study Consultant. I help our English teachers with talking to parents and children; dealing with problems and assisting when necessary. I try to make sure the teachers I am responsible for have what they need to be able to teach effectively. In my free time, I like to go hiking, watch movies, and eventually want to teach elementary maths to children in public school. I like my position here at Premier English because it is improving my communication skills by talking to many different people and in large groups, and more importantly, it gives me experience with managing children, which will be extremely important if I eventually teach them myself."
成金杰 chéng jīn jié
Testimonial by Ruby
"I am Ruby because I wanted a name that sounds like my Chinese name. I am a Study Consultant along with Daisy and Bella. My favorite things to do are to travel to different areas of China and parts of the world when on holiday, and when I am at home to play competitive strategy games. My main ambition is to become a school councillor, who talks to students and helps them with their emotions, especially when they have personal problems. I like to help people, and children in particular, which is why I work here at Premier English, to make sure students are learning English and the teachers I assist have what they need to teach well."
王如冰 wáng rú bīng
Testimonial by Bella
"My name is Bella and I am a Study Consultant too. In my free time I like to watch movies and take care of my dog 胖丁(“fat boy”) who is a French bulldog. I like little children because they are usually the most fun to be around. They are very enthusiastic, and they often learn very quickly. In the future I would like to have my own flower shop. Selling flowers sounds like a very relaxing way to live."
王雨涵 wáng yǔ hán