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Most of our teachers have previous experience teaching English as a foreign language, either in China or other countries. We sometimes also offer positions to people without past experience as a professional English teacher if we feel the individual performs well during the application process. In such cases, we often require the teacher to complete extra in-house training after arrival in China.

To teach English in China, applicants must be holders of a bachelors degree or higher. Their degree does not necessarily have to be related to teaching or linguistics. TEFL, CELTA or other qualifications are not a requirement to work at Premier English. Such qualifications are, however, of benefit to an applicant during the application process and improve their chances of being offered a position.

Premier English has previously employed teachers from the UK, USA, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, South Africa, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Canada. We have equally high English language requirements for native and non-native speakers, so applicants who are not native but have reached native-like fluency in English are welcome to apply.

Students at Premier English range from 4 years old all the way up to adult. Teachers usually have a range of different ages on their timetable, although timetables are organized in such a way as to try and allow each teacher to play to their strengths when it comes to age groups.

Class sizes are usually a maximum of six students, although some classes may have a maximum number of 8. Summer courses can vary.

Yes, Premier English provides a Chinese tutor for our foreign teachers who comes in to school every day.

We require that all teachers work on a teacher’s visa, meaning they will have a work visa and an employment permit specifying that they are here to work as a teacher. The member of staff responsible for dealing with visas will go through this process in detail with you once you have accepted a job offer.

All new recruits to Premier English are expected to undergo a minimum of 3 days in-house training prior to the start of the employment period. If more training is required, this will be provided.

Contracts are usually for one year. We currently have a very strong record of teachers extending their contracts, with around 80% of teachers renewing their contracts after the end of the first year.

Premier English provides accommodation to its teachers free of charge. This means that it is ready for new arrivals straight away. This way, teachers can avoid estate agent fees and paying for a deposit, which usually amounts to about 2 months rent. Moreover, landlords in Qingdao usually ask for 6 months or a year rent up-front. Providing accommodation this way saves teachers both time and money.

Teachers work eight hours a day, five days a week, with two consecutive days off each week (except when affected by holidays). A typical timetable is Tuesday to Saturday, working from 1pm to 9pm Tuesday to Friday, and 9am to 6pm on Saturday with an hour break for lunch. The average schedule includes around 20 teaching hours per week. It is very rare that teachers will need to work overtime and teachers should be able to comfortably finish all their office work well within designated work times.

Yes, all Chinese public holidays are paid holidays. Over Chinese New Year teachers usually have the opportunity to take up to a month off work, in which case this holiday includes both paid and unpaid leave.

Adult students and pre-school students usually don’t have regular testing. We have an internal progress test twice a semester for primary and middle school students.

Premier English employs around 19 foreign staff, so there are always people with similar experiences to help out new teachers.

Yes, we are very willing to encourage our current teachers to share some of their experiences with applicants. If applicants wish to do this they should install We chat on their phone which is the easiest way for current teachers to share pictures or send messages from China. If applicants wish to be put in contact with current teachers, this is done after the final interview, when a job offer is made.

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