What to expect when coming to teach English in China

What to expect when coming to teach English in China

What happens when you teach English in China?

China teaching jobs aren’t for everyone, but if you think they may be for you, you’re probably full of questions about the dreaded culture shock that comes with not just moving country, but moving contents, to the fastest-changing place on earth.

There are probably as many reasons to teach English in China as there English teachers in China, as it’s not unusual to find your own very special connection to places, people and culture when you arrive here. But what should you expect from teaching in China?

By the time you come to the end of your time in China, teaching jobs at home and around the world will be


Expect a culture shock

A lot of people choose to teach English in China because it offers an adventure, a chance to explore the world in your own time and to experience different culture. But few people realise how dramatic the jolt can be! From getting off the plane, to arriving at your new home, your senses are assaulted by the sights, sounds and smells of a place totally unlike anywhere you’ve been before. Over time the gap between your experience and the reality of where you are will shrink, but not before you enjoy a dose of life experience that adds up to a real character building, life affirming and invigorating milestone!


Expect to grow as a person

Living abroad is a challenge, and throwing yourself into Chinese culture, cuisine, pastimes and language is a sure way to become a more rounded, worldly person. Teaching is one of the most rewarding and life-affirming jobs going, so combine the two, and expect to come home a totally different person. In fact, teaching in China is a great way to learn lots about yourself, life and the world while picking up a new language, a new perspective and a new mature outlook that doesn’t diminish the love of adventure that brought you to teach English in China in the first place!



Expect to make friends

Nobody can enjoy life without friends, and teaching in China brings you together with people you’d never meet otherwise. China teaching jobs change you, and change your perspective, and this creates a special, lifelong bond between yourself and the people you find yourself working and living alongside. They will help you navigate your way around the first few heady months of teaching in China, just like in time you’ll help new arrivals settle in.


Expect your tastes to change

From food to music to film to fashion to art, China has a proudly independent national image, one that is open to the world yet profoundly Chinese. Unlike other countries, where American culture is imported wholesale, there’s a lot you’ll see, taste and experience that doesn’t exist anywhere outside China. Teaching jobs allow for the perfect amount of spare time to enjoy all things local, when you can explore to your hearts’ content. These things leave an mark on you and you’ll find you leave China with a soft spot for these things you’ll have for the rest of your life.


Above all… expect to love it!

Quite simply, teaching in China is the best experience you can have, packed with wonderful people, amazing pupils, brilliant food and travel, and memories you’ll treasure for ever. It’s the chance to experience the forefront of a country that’s both the fastest-advancing nation on earth and steeped in spiritualism and traditions going back before European civilisation even existed. The most advanced place on earth for millennia, and now again the most rapidly developing, bringing the hustle and bustle of 1.4 billion people together into a future on a grand scale. If you want to experience this, rather than just visit it, why not consider coming to teach English in China with Premier English?





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