English teaching jobs in China are your passport to unlimited travel & a bright future…but how do you get one?

English teaching jobs in China are your passport to unlimited travel & a bright future…but how do you get one?

Act today: make the best decision of your life. Teach English in China. The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do right now.


There’s no doubt about it, the you that has taught English in China is happier: more well-rounded, more mature, multilingual and with all the experience and better judgement to come back to a successful career at home, or to stay abroad and find a career in China, elsewhere in Asia or further afield! Our teachers have gone on to do all three, none regret their decision to teach English in China.

It can seem like a classic pipe dream: going to teach English in the world’s most exciting, vibrant country, learning more than you can imagine about it as well as yourself, having an incredible time in the process, then coming back to future of opportunity and prosperity based on your amazing experiences & newfound understanding, language skill and maturity. But this amazing journey is undertaken by hundreds of people every year. There are more reasons to experience China than ever, and the possibilities are always expanding. So how do you stop your dreams of life in China becoming just another missed opportunity you regret doing nothing about?


  1. Decide it’s for you

It’s true that the path of teaching TEFL in China isn’t for everyone. You need to be prepared to exit your comfort zone, step out and experience everything the world has to offer. If the idea of culture shock worries you, if the unfamiliar scares you, or if you can’t stand the idea of leaving your close family for months on end, you may not enjoy English teaching in China. Jobs like these aren’t for the shy! Equally, if you don’t like the idea of working with kids, and would rather your trip to China was more about selfies sunbathing or late nights partying than being responsible for their learning- this may not be the route for you: you have to want to make a difference during your time as an English teacher in China. You also need to be prepared to learn about yourself- if you don’t like the idea of personal development, or you’d rather hide at the back than speak up- best to keep on walking. But then, if these things put you off you’d probably not be reading this!



  1. Are you eligible to teach English in China?

There are lots of different programmes, usually all looking for a particular type of teacher. As a school teaching to the highest standards, we ask that all our teachers are educated to graduate level, and have experience teaching. This does mean we have to turn away some people, unfortunately there are strict conditions set by the Chinese government on getting an appropriate visa to teach English in China which require a degree and two years’ teaching experience. There’s no age limit on teaching English in China- it’s certainly not just a gap year activity. We encourage everyone to apply, even if you’re uncertain: there’s no harm in giving it a go!



  1. Apply to teach English in China

We have an easy application form that all our prospective candidates can fill in to get started. Don’t worry if you don’t feel it fully represents you or what you can bring to the role: there’ll be lots of opportunities to speak to staff and give the best possible account of your experience and personal qualities as your application goes forward. Before you click apply, though, check out our FAQs section to clear up any questions you may have about teaching English in China.



4. Take the plunge

If you’re successful in your application, we’ll let you know- you’ll be given all the information you need. If you ever have any question we’ll be more than happy to answer them. We’ll even take care of your visa and travel to our school, as well as accommodation. We try to take as much of the pressure as we can off our new teachers- we understand how overwhelming it can be! There’s a lot to take in and you’ll get plenty of support from our staff, from directors down to your fellow teachers- after all, we’ve all been through the same experience before!







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