Always wanted to make a difference through English teaching? Jobs in China are available now for those ready to change the world

Always wanted to make a difference through English teaching? Jobs in China are available now for those ready to change the world

Change the world, one life at a time: starting with yours!

If you want to grow- not just for yourself, but in a way that changes the world for others, teaching is a real chance to make those dreams a reality. After all, where else do responsibility, personal development, and transferable skills meet helping people grow and find their own voice?

Yet for those also eager to travel, to see the world and explore everything it has to offer, it can seem hard to find a way to make that happen. Beyond cliché ‘charity gig’ gap years with less-than-committed youngsters, there doesn’t seem to be a lot available. Making a difference shouldn’t mean you need to suppress your adventurous spirit- and the desire to see the world shouldn’t mean giving up on a career.

So how can you satisfy your wandering feet and change the world? The answer is to teach! Young people all over the world need language skills, and for many, learning English is the route into Western education and, from there, a whole new world of life-changing opportunities at home and abroad. All over the world, people of all ages, from young children to adults, are eager to expand their horizons, and many countries are experiencing a shortage of people qualified to teach English. China is no different, and rapid economic growth has meant there’s a huge demand for teachers.


English teaching jobs in China- experiences that stand out

So why English teaching jobs in China? Of all the countries with a high availability of English teaching jobs, China is perhaps one of the most demanding: unlike some places, they require high standards from foreigners applying for a visa to teach. This means you’ll work alongside other dedicated, experienced teachers who are as passionate as you about helping others learn. China offers a great deal more than many other countries and regions: it’s a fast-changing country with a huge variety of landscapes and areas to teach in. The largest, most prosperous cities in the world sit next to vast, pristine natural landscapes. You’ll be teaching the citizens of a future world leader and a fast-expanding cultural, commercial & industrial giant. This places you at the forefront of the ‘Chinese Century’ and gives you an insight into the scale and pace of the fastest-moving society on earth: yet venture beyond the cities and the true enormity of the this vast, ancient country hits home: from the scale of the Great Wall and terracotta army to the mountain ranges, deserts and steppes, you can experience all of the breathtaking sights China has to offer. Wherever you choose to teach, cutting edge infrastructure allows you explore the wider country cheaply and easily.


English teaching jobs in China: Salary information

Being an economic powerhouse, China has much to offer its highly-valued English teachers. Unlike other locations which offer only limited benefits beyond climate and atmosphere, there are huge opportunities open to those who wish to make a career of teaching in China. Even for those who come for a few years before heading home, or moving on to another country, the salaries are excellent. Because the visa system is geared towards recruiting the highest standards of teachers, all English teaching jobs in China are paid well over the national average and as you gain experience, routes into even better jobs become available.

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