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Why Teach English in Qingdao?

ESL jobs in Qingdao allow you to discover your potential in a vibrant, friendly city that has both a popular tourist scene and relaxed seaside atmosphere.

One of the cleanest, friendliest, and most developed Chinese cities, its European architecture, universally famous beer and coastline make this a must-see destination for visitors around the world. English teaching jobs in China are often focused around Beijing – but you’ll quickly learn Beijing isn’t the whole of China! There’s a lot to see outside the smoke and overcrowding of the capital, and places like Qingdao have their own, unique and much more welcoming character to offer.

“When you decide to Teach English in China, you’re starting an amazing journey”
There’s so much that inspires you, so many memorable moments, so many unforgettable friends: you take home far more than mementos.

A chance to change, a chance to develop your skills, and chance to explore somewhere amazing in one of the greatest cities in the most diverse, exciting country in the world – all while making friends that will last your lifetime, and making a positive change to others’.

Why do so many graduates choose ESL jobs in Qingdao?

Our team love it here – and we’re sure you will too! Teaching English is a rewarding and exciting experience filled with fun & formative opportunities. A lively, safe and comfortable city, Qingdao is an incredibly popular place for those wishing to teach English in China and uncover their potential while enjoying Chinese culture in a peaceful, happy seaside location.

“Teaching jobs in China provide a brilliant chance to immerse yourself in the lively culture and rich history of the world’s most rapidly changing and influential country.”
Learn more about the opportunities that ESL jobs in Qingdao – China’s most liveable city – can offer, by getting in touch with our team.
Discover Qingdao – the real China
Qingdao is one of the most beautiful, clean and modern cities in China and in 2012 was named China’s most liveable city. ESL jobs in Qingdao are some of the most sought-after in China due to the prosperous, peaceful pace of life here.

A world away from China’s packed industrial towns, the colourful seaside city is an international sailing centre on the Shandong peninsula. Its vibrant economy, good climate, clean air and large stretches of beach make this a modern, buzzing tourist centre, and a popularity among those seeking English teaching jobs in China to rival Beijing’s.

Qingdao is situated along the stunning coastline of the East China Sea, about half way between Shanghai and Beijing. It has its own international airport – flights to either of these must-see cities take just an hour. It is also connected to China’s world-famous high-speed rail system, so there are plenty of chances to explore the country during your stay.

With such a great location, living and working as an English teacher in Qingdao provides a wonderful opportunity to explore these exciting cities and their many historic and cultural landmarks. The unique, fascinating world of Chinese culture and rich history is right at your doorstep.

And, of course, Qingdao is famous for its beer (Tsingtao – from spelling used by the German colonists who brought brewing to the region) throughout China, and every summer is host to Asia’s largest international beer festival.

The school‘s location is ideal for prospective TEFL teachers wishing to explore eastern culture and to gain a truly unique experience of what life is like in modern China – all while making lifelong friends and gaining amazing professional experience within a dedicated team.

Living costs in Quingdao – just one more reason to choose an ESL job in China
Living costs in China are low and ESL teachers' salaries go a long way. Here are some typical costs in Qingdao:
  • 3KM taxi ride: 10 Renminbi
  • Large bowl of wonton (water dumplings): 5 Renminbi
  • 600ml bottle of Tsingtao beer: 3 Renminbi
  • 880km trip to Beijing on a high speed train: 250 Renminbi
  • Bus ride to anywhere in the city: 2 Renminbi
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