About China

Why Teach English in China?

There’s no single reason our team each chose to teach English in China – in fact there’s probably as many reasons as we have TEFL teachers! What’s for certain is that there’s something for everyone here.

What do we love about our ESL Jobs? In China you don’t feel like the stereotypical gap year TEFL teacher – you’re so much more than that. There are a lot of reasons to consider choosing to teach English in China.

“When you decide to Teach English in China, you’re starting an amazing journey”
There’s so much that inspires you, so many memorable moments, so many unforgettable friends: you take home far more than mementos.

A chance to change, a chance to develop your skills, and chance to explore somewhere amazing in one of the greatest cities in the most diverse, exciting country in the world – all while making friends that will last your lifetime, and making a positive change to others’.

Why do so many graduates choose ESL jobs in China?

Our team love it here – and we’re sure you will too! Teaching English is a rewarding and exciting experience filled with fun & formative opportunities. A lively, safe and comfortable city, Qingdao is an incredibly popular place for those wishing to teach English in China and uncover their potential while enjoying Chinese culture in a peaceful, pleasant seaside location.

“ESL jobs in China provide a brilliant chance to immerse yourself in the lively culture and rich history of the world’s most rapidly changing and influential country.”
Learn more about the opportunities that ESL jobs China can offer by getting in touch with our team.