A New Cafe for the Parents and Staff to Relax In

A New Cafe for the Parents and Staff to Relax In

Now Everyone Can Take a Break From Either Teaching, Having, or Watching Classes

A great new feature has arrived at the Premier English school! Some time ago, we decided to put in a coffee shop in the same building as the school itself. That way, teachers, staff, the children and their parents have a place to hang out and enjoy a coffee, smoothie, or quick snack. Here at Premier English, we want to make our school as welcoming as possible to everyone.
Things started like this: at some point, one of our adult students, Carrie, was taking classes at our school. Her daughter lives in Canada with her aunt, Carrie’s sister. Wishing to get her English up to scratch for future trips to Canada, Carrie was easily one of our best students. She was diligent, came to every class, and did her homework religiously. Every teacher who taught her realized she is the kind of student every teacher dreams of having: motivated, clever, and an all-around good person.

When we were sure that we wanted to have a proper cafe attached to the school, we put out a message to all the parents and adults students on Wechat, basically asking if anyone was interested in renting out a section of the school premises and converting it into a cafe that would offer food, refreshments, and a nice place to chill out, for any of our visitors. Sure enough, Carrie took up the offer. And she brings with it the sort of care and commitment that she and her husband put into the restaurant chain they own and manage.

Suffice it to say, we have been extremely lucky to have such a generous, friendly individual bring so much to our school. Before it was set up, teachers, staff and parents either made trips to local shops and restaurants, or ordered for delivery. And there was no communal place where people could sit down at tables and just talk. By now, virtually everyone makes at least one trip to Carrie’s Cafe to get their daily dose of caffeine, touch base with colleagues, or simply have a pleasant chat with Carrie herself.

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