5 reasons to teach TEFL in China

5 reasons to teach TEFL in China

More people than ever are choosing to teach TEFL in China. Have you considered joining them?

There’s never been a better time to explore China in a self-funded journey of personal growth, cultural discovery and career progression. There are more reasons than ever to uncover the world of the ‘Chinese Century’ by teaching TEFL in China- but here are our top five!


It improves your career prospects more than you’d believe!

Wondering how you’ll reach that dream career? Wanting to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the interview for your perfect job? If you want a career with a global scope, few experiences qualify you for the world of international business than working abroad.
English teaching jobs in China are a great way to boost experience & employability. Multilingualism, experience of different cultures & experience teaching are all indicators of a talented employee with the transferable skills & personal potential to grow into any role. Whether your final destination is the public or private sector, showing that you can adapt to a foreign country, learnt the language and manage a classroom gives you a CV that stands out, and sets you in good stead for wherever your future career may take you. But that’s not all: English teaching jobs in China put you at the forefront of the world’s fastest growing, most important emerging economy. The futures of tech, trade, manufacturing, business and finance are unfolding on your doorstep, and the people you meet will be the scientists, business people and managers of a future global leader.

High quality of life balanced with low costs 

Unlike regular jobs, a lot of English teaching jobs in China will come with some day-to-day essentials taken care of, in addition to a salary. For example, our ESL jobs inf Qingdao all come with a competitive monthly salary, along with additional benefits such as mandarin lessons and accommodation. Not only are this but the costs of everyday items are often well below their equivalents in the West: meaning your weekly grocery shop costs just a fraction of what it does at home. Those who ‘take the plunge’ and come to teach TEFL in China are often pleasantly surprised by the affordability and quality of life here.

A great place to live!
Putting it simply, China is fantastic! It’s a safe, friendly, exciting country with stunning scenery, amazing, welcoming locals, and bustling urban centres. Whether it’s shopping or relaxing, or exploring outside the city, there’s something for everyone here. And then there’s the amazing food. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of life in China are an incredible part of your journey, and the experiences of your time here will be wrapped up in the great quality of life. Whatever your interests, overall, there are all the options available in any Western city.

Great emotional support
If you’re keen to teach TEFL in China but worried about being so far from home, we can help. English teaching jobs in China can feel isolating, however through Premier English, you’ll be given plenty of help, from a friendly, close-knit group of teachers who have years of expat experience around you, to long periods of time off to visit home or explore the region even more. With a network of like minded expats to go to for advice, you’ll always get the friendship and support some miss out on when they come: another great reason to use us to achieve your ambition to teach TEFL in China.

Lifelong skills and personal growth

You want to grow into yourself, take time to learn more skills and develop confidence. Teaching is about helping others, and a tremendously rewarding skill that requires patience, drive and passion. You’ll learn to apply yourself to helping people of all ages learn a new skill, and on the way you’ll learn plenty of new skills yourself. Making a difference to others’ lives will help you find a new sense of pride in your work, and means that when you return to the UK you’ll have the courage to achieve more than you’d ever have done before. By choosing to teach TEFL in China, you’re taking yourself on a journey that will give you a new sense of self-reliance and high achievement, and the vision and drive to achieve your dreams in later life.


Premier English is a leading provider of ESL jobs in Qingdao, China. Our aim is to stand out by providing the most thorough, friendly and personal experience for our tutors. As an organisation of experienced teachers who have come abroad, we find we’re well placed to help you have the best possible time while changing the lives of children and adults for the better. We’re the leading provider of ESL jobs in Qingdao, all because of our great record attracting and keeping talented, enthusiastic, happy teachers. If you are looking to teach English in China then get in touch with us.



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