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Teaching English in China

We care about the professional development of all of our teachers, particularly that of those just starting out. An ESL job can be a fantastic way to gain experience and you will often find that, the students at our schools in China, are more engaged and willing to learn than you will have experienced at schools in your home country.

If you are interested in applying for a position as part of our team here in Qingdao, China, please fill out our online application form, or send us an email.

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Working in China

One of the most alluring things about TEFL is the opportunity to go to different countries and experience different cultures. Qingdao is widely regarded as one of the best cities in China to live and work in. It has low living costs as well as a varying geography from sandy beaches to mountain ranges. There is plenty of culture to absorb too and, on your days off you are able to venture further afield and experience more of China. Absorbing yourself in a country is also a fantastic way to learn a new language yourself, so whilst you may be an English teacher for your job you can be learning Chinese almost by accident, in your free time.


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Teach in Beautiful Qingdao, China

Top Reasons to teach at Premier English

If you are looking to teach English as a foreign language there will be a number of schools around the world that you can choose from. However, we feel that Premier English, and Qingdao, has a number of things on offer that could make us the right choice for you. We take on teachers of all experiences from newly qualified graduates to those who have been teaching for years and each person finds the experience of teaching English in China with us a rewarding one. From lifestyle to job satisfaction and professional development there is something to offer teachers at any stage of their career who decide to come and teach with us. TEFL in China with Premier English!

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Premier English is a fully licensed  group of schools

We make sure our teachers hold the correct working documents and residency permits. Our professional, in-house, work visa experts will help you every step of the way in order to make sure you are safe and happy in your new teaching position with us.


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We take an enormous amount of pride in the reputation we have built in Qingdao over the years and, as such, have high standards when it comes to the teachers who work for us. Our reputation has been built on professionalism, hard work, and the ability to build relationships with the pupils and their families. Our class sizes are small, allowing our teachers to spend more time dedicated to helping their pupils which leads to faster improvements. We find this leads to a greater level of job satisfaction with our teachers as they can really see their hard work paying off.

If you are interested in applying for a position as part of our team here in Qingdao, China, please fill out our online application form, or send us an email.

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What our teachers say

If you are interested in knowing what it would be like to teach English in China then why not take a look at our teacher testimonials. We have asked our teachers to provide us with first-hand accounts of what it is like to live and work in China and at Premier English. Our teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities, ages and experience but all have one thing in common; their commitment to providing a world class teaching experience for our pupils. If you are interested in teaching English in China then you can apply online or drop us an email.

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About Premier English

Premier English is a group of schools in Qingdao, China providing fantastic services to students who are wanting to learn English. We take a huge amount of pride and professionalism in our teaching which is why our services are in such high demand. Due to this demand we are growing at a rapid rate allowing us to provide our English teaching services to more and more pupils in Qingdao. We aim to build friendly relationships with our students and take a personal interest in their development. We aim for students to achieve a rapid advancement in overall English skill whilst enjoying the process of learning English. If you are interested in teaching in China then get in touch with us today.

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Salary and benefits for English teachers in China varies on a case by case basis, mainly dependant on previous experience. At Premier English, we offer a package worth 13,500 – 18,500 RMB per month. (Approximately £1,568 – £2,150 or $1965 to $2,693)

In order for you to teach English as a foreign language in China you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. Training is provided free and those with no prior experience may apply. A TEFL certification, TESOL or CELTA qualification certainly strengthens your application, but teacher’s with other experience are sometimes accepted without these.

To teach in China at our school in Qingdao we require all applicants to have, at least, a bachelor’s (BA or BSc) degree. In order to teach English as a foreign language in China you require a Z visa which can only be obtained by individuals with a degree.

Salaries of our teachers are several times the average local wage, and accommodation is provided free on top of that. Qingdao is a very low-cost city, even for China. Most teachers have a great quality of life whilst also saving up considerable sums before returning home.

Qingdao is one of the safest places you will ever live. China is very accepting and safe for teachers who come over from foreign countries to TEFL. ESL teachers are seen as important contributors as English has been deemed very important to communicate with the rest of the world where it is widely spoken.

You don’t need to know Chinese. Whilst being able to speak some Chinese may be useful it is not necessary to have this skill to be able to become a teacher in China. You may have a Chinese speaking assistant to help you with any language barriers you may face.

"Professionally, I feel that Premier English allowed me to develop as a teacher as I didn’t only have to follow the school’s syllabus, but could also try my own ways and techniques and see what works the best for my students"
TEFL Teacher
"Hello, my name’s Glen, I’m from the States, and for me, as far as I am concerned, as a British school, Premier English has the best work atmosphere of any place I have worked at before. I’ve made good friends here and the work-life balance is great. "
TEFL Teacher
"I've worked at Premier English for three months now, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far. I'd never taught before but they gave me training and I've really grown to love this job. It's fun and exciting and provides interesting challenges. I'm getting to see new places and have experiences I never would have had the chance to have otherwise."
TEFL Teacher
""I’ve been with Premier English for 2 years which says a lot. From the very first moment I landed in Qingdao I’ve felt their support – they helped me with all the little things from setting up a bank account to getting my first Chinese sim card and made the transition from Europe to Asia very smooth. I’ve been learning a lot as a teacher too thanks to my colleagues and students."
TEFL Teacher
"Working for Premier English is my first teaching job following my completing a CELTA. I could not have picked a better first school. Personally I love teaching a variety of levels and lessons and the challenge of learning to teach children. The school has a good support system for new teachers and Chinese staff on hand to help when needed."
TEFL Teacher
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